Customer Service (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm AEST): 1300 PRE PAY (1300 773 729)

What Is Pub Payments?

Pub Payments is an Australian owned company who are currently rolling out the country’s largest common on-premise redemption and prepaid product platform to pubs, clubs and other licensed venues around Australia.


Participate in on-premise promotions to drive more customers!

Promotions will be run by some of the largest brands starting with Lion owned beer brands such as Tooheys, XXXX, Hahn, James Squire, James Boags, Little Creatures and more. Customers will be sent unique promotional codes to redeem in your venues for complimentary and discounted products – bar staff will need to enter the promotion codes into the Terminal for validation.

Step 1
Customer receives text or email with Voucher Code

Step 2
Barman enters Voucher Code into Terminal

Step 3
Terminal validates Voucher Code and offer in real time

Step 4
Customer gets his free/discounted beer or food offer and is happy!

Sell prepaid mobile, internet and other products to your customers

Aimed at your mobile-centric customer, you will receive a handsome commission for each prepaid voucher product sold. See the Product Price and Commission List for more details. All of your customers have a mobile in their pocket, so what better than to offer them a product or service that they can use in the venue!

Pub Payments has partnered with epay Worldwide, the largest global distributor of prepaid products, to provide a facility for on premise venues to sell and make commissions on mobile phone credit, gift cards, cash cards and more, while also facilitating and redeeming promotional offers for brands.

How do I get involved?


If you were one of the lucky venues from the thousands of pubs and clubs across the country that received a FREE Pub Payments Terminal, all you need to do is Sign Up and Activate your new Terminal.

Learn more about how to Sign Up here