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Sign Up and Activate your New Terminal

Thanks for coming through to our website to activate your new Pub Payments Terminal and to create your new Pub Payments Account!  We’ll have you up and running soon!

We’ve worked very hard to ensure that this process is as easy as possible for you to Sign Up to Pub Payments.

This entire process will take you about 20 minutes.

Step 1 – Unpack your Pub Payments Welcome Pack

Firstly we wanted to assure you that this is a FREE Terminal and YOU OR YOUR VENUE WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANYTHING TO USE IT.

You can use the Terminal for as long as you like as long as it’s switched on and is available to REDEEM Voucher Codes and SELL Prepaid Voucher products to your customer.

To get started, unpack your Welcome Pack and check that everything is there (there is a checklist in the box).

Step 2 – Find your unique “PUB ID”

As you open your new Terminal Welcome Pack, the Welcome Letter will be just inside the top of the sleeve.

Be careful as it contains your unique PUB ID which you will need to complete the Online Sign Up (Step 3).

Your unique PUB ID is located on the top right of the Welcome Letter inside the red box.

Step 3 – Complete the Online Sign Up

Instead of filling out application forms by hand and then printing, signing and scanning them, we’ve made everything really easy for you. The entire application process is done online, right here on our website!

The Online Sign Up has the following sections:

1)   START – Enter your PUB ID, POSTCODE and a 4-digit PIN (to return if needed) to begin.

2)   CONTACTS – You’ll complete your name and verify your Mobile and Email address (so we can contact you).

3)   OWNERSHIP GROUP – If your venue is part of a larger Ownership Group, you’ll need to complete this step. Don’t worry if you do not have all the required information – you can send the application to someone at Head Office to complete this section!

4)   LEGAL ENTITY OF YOUR VENUE – You’re asked for the Australian Business Number (ABN) of your venue – this then ensures that the legal entity that is associated with your venue is verified against the Australian Business Register.

5)    BANK DETAILS – We ask you for your bank account details. Don’t be alarmed!

When you sell a Prepaid Product from the Terminal, you will collect the full retail value for that product (eg: say you sell a $100 Optus voucher) but that is not all of yours to keep – most of that has to be paid to Optus!

You will however receive a commission for selling Prepaid Products and under a Direct Debit Agreement you have with epay Australia, your bank account will be debited for the total amount of Prepaid Products you sold LESS the commission owing to you.

The other reason we need your bank account details is because our Promotional Partners will reimburse you for any beer or food given to your customers as part of the Promotion.

6)   SIGN AGREEMENT – You’re asked to review your application, upload an ID document (eg: Drivers License) of the Director or a person with Authority to sign and enter into an agreement with us.

We ask for three signatures: 1) from the Director/person with Authority, 2 – a Witness to this signature and 3 – the signatory of the Bank Account you nominated.

You can sign directly on the screen using your mouse (on a computer) or using your finger (on a mobile or tablet) – you don’t need to print anything out or scan or fax anything back – it’s all done online!


If you get stuck or don’t have information to hand, you can invite others to participate in the Application by entering their email address which will send them a link to complete the section you need help with.

We actually suggest you complete the Online Sign Up using your MOBILE (eg:  iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone) or TABLET (eg: iPad or other tablet) so when you get to the signature sections, you can sign directly onto the screen with your finger!  No printer or pen needed!

To begin, you need your PUB ID and your venue POSTCODE (ie: where the Welcome Pack was sent – see Step 2 above)

The Online Sign Up is fast and easy – you should be done in about 20 minutes!

Step 4 – Your application is submitted for processing

Once you’ve submitted your Online Application, it is sent to our Onboarding Team to be processed and approved and then your new Pub Payments account is created!

This processing time could take up to 3 days, but its usually done in around 24 hours.

We may need to contact you if for example you’ve uploaded your Drivers License or other documents incorrectly (they may be unreadable) or you’ve not provided the correct ABN for the legal name of the venue.

We will contact you on the email address or mobile phone number you nominated.

Step 5 – Plug in and connect the Pub Payments Terminal at your bar

While you are waiting for your online Application to be processed, now is a good time to find a new home for your Pub Payments Terminal!

Find somewhere convenient behind the bar – it requires a normal 240V power socket and a WIRED internet connection.

Refer to the Hardware and POS Setup Guide contained within your Welcome Pack which outlines how to setup the Terminal, or refer to the guides here on our website.

If you’re not the technical type or you run into trouble – please give us a call and we can help you set it up!

During this step, we also advise that you setup your Point of Sale material that came in the Welcome Pack.

IMPORTANT!  The Pub Payments Terminal is designed to be standalone and not to be connected to your POS system or your back office systems.  All it requires is an open internet connection.  All reconciliation is done on the Terminal and you receive a statement from us with details of your sales made and vouchers redeemed.

Point of Sale Display

Step 6 – Finalise and activate the Terminal (generating test vouchers)

Once your Pub Payments Account has been created and the Terminal is plugged in ready to go, the last step of the onboarding process is to punch a few commands into the Terminal which will make it work.

You will receive a call (to the mobile number you verified) from our Onboarding Team who will run you through this final step.

This will test connectivity to our systems, print out some test vouchers and setup your password to the Terminal.

And that’s it!

Once you’ve completed your Online Sign Up – you can come back to this page at any time under “Getting Started”.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making the Onboarding Process as seamless and as stress free as possible so you can get going quickly.

Remember – we are here to help – if you encounter any problems, please contact our Customer Service Team (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm AEST) on 1300 PRE PAY (1300 773 729) or use our Contact Form on our website.