Customer Service (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm AEST): 1300 PRE PAY (1300 773 729)

Terminal Reference Guide

This Terminal Reference Guide is in the Pub Payments Terminal Welcome Pack as a double sided printed flyer and we have made it available here online for your reference.

How to Sell a Prepaid Voucher Product

  1. Press the purple button below SALE
  2. Enter your OPERATOR CODE and press the green ENTER key
  3. Press (2) on the keypad (which corresponds to ‘SELL PREPAID)
  4. Confirm the voucher details with the customer (ie: product and value)
  5. Select the type of voucher required by pressing the corresponding keypad number
  6. Select the value of the voucher by pressing the corresponding keypad number
  7. Confirm with the customer that you have selected the correct product and denomination that the customer requires
  8. Press the ‘Yes’ to accept and print the barcode OR press ‘No’ to go back to the previous screen
  9. (If applicable), scan the barcode and accept payment from the customer
  10. Confirm that the voucher has printed okay before handing it to the customer

How To Redeem a Voucher Code (for Promotions)

  1. Press the purple button below SALE
  2. Enter your OPERATOR CODE and press the green ENTER key
  3. Press (1) on the keypad (which corresponds to ‘REDEEM VOUCHER CODE’)
  4. Ask the customer for the voucher code (it may be on his or her mobile phone or it may be printed on a beer pack, or they may have printed it out and on a separate piece of paper)
  5. Valid Promotional Voucher Codes ALWAYS START WITH 2020 and can ONLY BE USED ONCE
  6. Carefully enter the 12 DIGIT Voucher Code using the keypad and then press the green ENTER key
  7. Wait for the response – the Terminal will print out a Redemption Receipt with the details of the redemption, including the value of the discount and the type of product and any promotional information (if applicable)
  8. Depending on the Promotion, hand this receipt to the customer who may use it for further discounts or redemptions elsewhere (instructions will be clearly on the Redemption Receipt)
  9. If the Promotion uses a one-time Voucher Code, the receipt should be stored in the drawer of the cash register or POS for end-of-day reconciliations.

How to Change Paper Rolls on the Terminal

  1. Press down on the button located on the right side of the terminal to unlatch the paper roll cover, then lift the cover up and back. (Step 1)
  2. Remove any partial roll of paper in the printer tray. (Step 2)
  3. Hold the roll so the paper feeds from the bottom of the roll.
  4. Drop the paper roll into the printer tray. (Step 3)
  5. Close the paper roll cover by gently pressing directly on the cover until it clicks shut, allowing a small amount of paper past the glue residue to extend outside the printer door. (Step 4)
  6. The Terminal screen will display “Paper loaded, press Enter.” Press Enter.  

It is best to change the paper roll in your terminal as soon as a black or pink line appears on the roll. When replacing paper, pull out and discard the first 20cm of the roll.

Handy Tips


To be done  if the terminal displays ‘POLL FAILED’ or if you need to replenish terminal stock levels.

  1. Press the purple button below ‘Poll’.
  2. Select ‘Yes’ to connect to host.
  3. When polling is complete  the terminal will print a confirmation slip stating ‘Successful’.
  4. If the terminal printout slip states ‘Failed’ – Contact Pub Payments Customer Service.

When calling Pub Payments Customer Service, to save time, have your Terminal ID ready to quote to our operators. This can be found  at the top of every voucher and report that has been printed from your terminal.


Only an Operator with Authority to Print Reports can run the Reports.

  1. Press the Purple ‘Totals‘ key.
  2. Enter your Sign-On code and press Enter.
  3. Press 4. End Day.
  4. Print another copy? – Press Yes if required otherwise press No.
  5. End Day – Press Yes (If Yes is not pressed sales are not cleared and carried over until the next day.)


How to do a Refund


Follow these steps to refund a voucher via the Pub Payments Terminal.

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Enter your OPERATOR CODE (with Refund Authority) and press the green ENTER key
  3. Press (1) – Refund Transactions
  4. Press (1) – Refund
  5. Press (2) – Refund Voucher
  6. Enter the “Serial Number” that is printed on the voucher that is being refunded. Press Enter
  7. Enter the Pub Payments “Transaction Number” that is printed on the voucher being refunded. Press Enter
  8. The Terminal will process the refund and will then print out the receipt for the refund and return to the Main Menu.


This service is only available if:

  • The Pub Payments voucher was printed in error
  • The customer has changed their mind and has not left your bar or counter
  1. Retain the Duplicate Voucher printed by the Pub Payments Terminal
  2. Call Pub Payments Customer Service and advise them of the serial number of the voucher for the customer (if required)
  3. You must then cross out the PIN on the Voucher so that it cannot be read
  4. If Pub Payments Customer Service accepts the voucher refund request, process a second voucher for the customer (if required)
  5. Retain copies of the voucher and voucher duplicate until the voucher has been cleared for refund by Pub Payments


If the customer has purchased an incorrect voucher and the customer has not left the counter – the salesperson must phone Pub Payments Customer Service on 1300 773 729 to log a refund request or process a terminal refund void through your terminal. The voucher should be kept in a safe place and the PIN number crossed out so that it cannot be read. If the voucher is used between the time the voucher is sold and verification of the PIN being used by the Network, the venue will be charged for the voucher.

If the customer is experiencing difficulties with the PIN – the customer must call the Network’s customer service number which is printed on the voucher. The venue must not print a second voucher for the customer – venue’s will not under any circumstance be refunded for the first voucher printed.

If the customer is unhappy with the prepaid product they have purchased – the customer should call the supplier’s Customer Service number which is printed on the voucher.

If the voucher has been printed and is not legible –- use the automated duplicate voucher produced by your terminal, call Pub Payments Customer Service or process a terminal refund.


If you need to log a void request you must call Pub Payments Customer Service within 72 hours of printing the voucher. Requests outside this time frame will not be accepted.


Neither Pub Payments or any product brand sold on a Pub Payments Terminal will ever request  your venue to give any voucher product PIN number over the phone.

If you have a caller claiming to be from Pub Payments or epay or any vendor requiring this information please contact Pub Payments Customer Service immediately.

You should never print out and/or divulge the PIN of any voucher to anyone, unless they are present and have tendered payment to you first. Treat all printed vouchers as cash until handed to the customer.