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Setup your Terminal and POS Starter Kit

This guide will help you prepare your Pub Payments Terminal for activation and use at your venue:

  • Check the items carefully and make sure that all items listed are in the box.
  • Should any items be missing, email us or call (quoting your PUBID) 1300 PRE PAY (1300 773 729) and we will have the missing item sent to your venue.
  • In most cases, the accessories provided will be enough to get you up and running. Should you have any issues, please contact us immediately.


Pub Payments Package – Contents Checklist

Your Pub Payments package contains:

1 x Pub Payments Terminal

1 x Terminal Power Unit (240v)

1 x Terminal Power Unit Cable

2 x Ethernet Splitter  (F to F-F)

2 x Ethernet Cable Short (20cm)

2 x Ethernet Cable Long (1.5 metre)

1 x Telephone Splitter  (F to F-F)

1 x Telephone Cable Short (10 cm)

1 x Telephone Cable Long (1.5 metre)

3 x Thermal Paper Rolls (one preloaded)

1 x POS Starter Kit

Finding a suitable place at the bar or counter

As the Pub Payments Terminals will be used for both PRODUCT SALES as well  as VOUCHER REDEMPTIONS for one  of our PROMOTIONAL PARTNERS, we strongly suggest you find a suitable place behind your bar or counter near your existing POS or cash register:

  • The Terminal requires an INTERNET CONNECTION and 240V POWER.
  • The connection must be WIRED with a cable, (not via WIFI).
  • Setup the Terminal next to the POS or the  cash register so that it is easy for your bar staff to access, especially during busy periods.

Connect power cable to 240V and Terminal

Power Supply Connection

  • Connect the cable from the Power Supply Unit to the underside of the Terminal.
  • Plug the Power Supply Unit into the power cable and then plug into a 240V socket. A green power indicator will illuminate just above the F1 key.

Connect internet (Ethernet) cable to the Terminal

Internet Connection

  • A 1.5m ethernet cable is pre-installed to the Terminal – all you need to do is plug it directly into an Ethernet (Internet) socket
  • Refer to above images for details on how to connect the Terminal to your venue’s primary internet source/connection.

Internet Connection Scenarios


Ideally, you will have a spare Ethernet port on a hub, switch or router that may be located under or near the Bar area or near your POS or cash register (these devices may be using this to connect to the internet):

  • Connect the Terminal directly to the spare port using the 1.5m Ethernet cable.
  • If the Port is on a wall plate, check to make sure that it is connected to the main Data Point (possibly located in the back room, office or data room).



If all internet (Ethernet) ports (on either a hub, switch or router) at the bar are being used by other devices (such as your EFTPOS terminal), it may be possible to utilise a single Ethernet cable that runs from the Bar to your main Data Point (possibly located in the back room, office or data room) using the adapters and cables supplied.

NOTE:  This configuration only works on 10/100mb speed networks. If your venue network is 1000mb/Gigabit Ethernet, you will need to connect the Terminal into a dedicated Ethernet port.  Under this scenario, it is best to purchase a small hub to sit under your bar or counter to connect all your devices.

Setting Up Point of Sale (POS) material

  • Till Topper – Prefolded with tape to affix directly to the top of digital display on your cash register or POS.
  • Wobbler – With double sided tape to affix directly at your counter, bar, POS or other prominent place.
  • Poster – We’ve included two sizes of posters to ensure maximum visibility.  Display them behind the bar prominently!
  • Beer Coasters – We’ve teamed up with one of the largest coaster manufacturers in Australia. Sample pack of 12 included to get you started – order more here.

After you’ve connected your new Pub Payments Terminal, you will need to let your customers know that you OFFER PRODUCTS and ACCEPT REDEMPTION BASED PROMOTIONS via Pub Payments.

To kick things off, we’ve included a Point of Sale (POS) starter kit so you can let your customers know that they can participate in PROMOTIONS by prominent beer and alcohol brands as well as BUY PREPAID products directly from the bar or counter.

Need more POS items?

Simply visit our online shop here to order the POS items you require.


Once you have setup your Pub Payments Terminal at your bar, you will need to create an Account which will ACTIVATE the terminal.

Click here to begin the Sign Up Process to Activate Your Terminal.